SLEEP Training Does It Work?
YES< but there is a pattern to sleep training

We look at the whole picture, think baby tech support, and we will create a sleep plan and implementation to training your baby or toddler. 

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When Sleep Training Doesn't Work?

We'll explore the common causes of persistent sleeplessness in babies and toddlers and discuss strategies to help restore better snoozes for everyone involved!


If you're the parent of a young baby struggling with sleep issues, you know how exhausting and frustrating it can be. You want your little one to get enough rest to grow up healthy and happy, but nothing seems to work - neither traditional sleep training techniques, soothing lullabies, or even bedtime routines.

It may feel like you've tried everything without success - but before giving up hope entirely. Talk with an expert that can break down and make adjustments you may not see; it will help your baby get longer stretches of sleep and sleep for the whole family.

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What are the requirements of sleep training?


Sleep training can be critical in establishing your baby's regular and healthy sleep habits.

You must know the requirements before delving into this type of schedule for your child.

Experts recommend different prerequisites to get started with sleep training -- from babies as young as four months old to toddlers, along with other considerations such as ensuring their physical health and well-being before sleep training.

Our team of sleep consultants looks at the whole picture, which is a holistic approach.

You can hire a sleep trainer to come into the home or hire a virtual sleep consultant.

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Calm Method

The No-Cry sleep method is for parents that want intuitive sleep training. Slowly remove sleep associations so the baby can sleep longer, which can take up to six to twelve weeks to train.


Check-In Approach

Wakes as soon as you lay them down? We will create responsive training. The method is frequent check-ins as well as parent response coaching.


CIO Method

The CIO method is designed for babies ages six months and older. The approach is meant for healthy babies who need a slight change to get them on the right track. 


Top 3 Questions Parents Ask About Sleep Training 

Will Sleep Training Harm My Baby?

Sleep training is one of the most daunting and perplexing aspects of parenting for many parents. While getting enough sleep can be a challenge for some children, implementing effective strategies to establish healthy sleep routines for babies can go a long way toward helping them receive the proper amount of rest necessary to impact their development positively. But with so much conflicting advice available, it's essential to ensure you're taking safe and beneficial steps for both you and your baby. So we'll be addressing an important question - will sleep training harm, my baby? The misconceptions surrounding this topic are everywhere. If, your baby is healthy, eats well during the day sleep training will be positive and effective.

What Sleep Method Should I use?

Figuring out what sleep training method works best for your family can be tricky - after all, every parent and every baby is different! Ultimately, choosing a method should be based on what makes you and your little one feel comfortable and safe during bedtime routines and nap times. Whichever path you decide on - whether it's Ferber, Pick Up/Put Down, or No Cry - make sure that you consistently follow through with whichever technique you choose so that everyone gets enough restful nights of quality sleep! Most importantly, be patient with yourself; your little one will pay off in spades!

Sleep Training for Toddlers

Sleep training can be an incredibly beneficial tool for helping your toddler get some much-needed restful nights! It might take some effort initially, but once you get into a good routine with consistent practices put into place each evening, the rewards will soon become apparent – both for you as parents and, most importantly, for your little one too! So don’t be afraid to give it a go – you could be surprised at how quickly you start seeing results!

What is Overnight Sleep Training? 

We have our sleep trainers come to you... The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Sleep Trainer

When you hire a professional sleep trainer, you get access to someone with years of experience in the field who can provide insight into babies' sleeping habits and how best to manage them. A professional sleep trainer will also be able to provide personalized advice tailored specifically for you and your family's unique circumstances, which means that the results you get from their services will be tailored specifically for you as well! In addition, having someone there who knows what they are doing takes much of the guesswork out of sleep training – leaving mom and dad feeling less overwhelmed during this hectic time in their lives.

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