Newborn Care & Sleep Health 

We offer extensive overnight care for newborns and promote healthy sleep habits for infants and toddlers.

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Hire A Newborn Care Specialist

2-Week Overnight Support

Postnatal Support Starting from Day One. Our support begins immediately after birth to ensure new parents receive the care they need during their first week.

4-Week Overnight Support

The mother will have four weeks of support to recover, and the baby will be on a three to four-feed overnight routine.

16-Week Overnight Support

From day one and for sixteen weeks, our program will support your baby to sleep through the night by the end of the Contract. (Healthy Baby)

(Call for 24/7 support)

$35-50 hourly

Hire Daytime Postpartum Care

1-Week Postnatal Support 

To aid parents in establishing a bond with their newborn, we offer services, including baby care, light housework, and educational assistance. Our postnatal support package consists of four daytime shifts designed to provide comprehensive care and aid in parenting.

4-Week Postnatal Support

Our postnatal assistance package includes three weekly sessions during the first month. Our services include daytime newborn education, establishing a routine that caters to your lifestyle, and shaping healthy sleeping habits for your baby during the overnight hours.

(Minimum 4-hour shift)

$80-$100 hour

Hire A Sleep Trainer/Consultant

Sleep Health Evaluation: A Comprehensive Consultation

Our Sleep Health Evaluation includes a one-hour consultation to provide you with a one-time sleep support call. Additionally, you will be granted access to a video consultation to assist you better.

Virtual Sleep Consultation: A 4-Week Program

Join our 4-week program and receive a comprehensive sleep health evaluation to ensure your child has no underlying medical issues. Once we understand your child's sleep requirements, we will provide weekly coaching sessions and a tailored sleep plan. We will work together to implement the plan for two weeks and follow up with another two weeks of check-ins.

(Call for in-person overnight sleep training) 


Parent Education Classes 

Nap Education Course

  • Workbook Included
  • Birth, Bonding, and Sleep
  • Science Behind Naps and Playtime
  • Circadian Rhythms, Sleep Drive, and Sleep Pressure
  • Infant Sleep Cycles
  • Schedules Based on AGE
  • Science & Sleep Association
  • Nap ACTION Plan
  • Expectation Method
  • Sleep Environment
  • Different Nap Methods 0-6 Months
  • Different Nap Methods 6-24 Months
  • Schedule Breakdown 6-24 Months
  • How to Create a Nap Schedule
  • Toddler Naps
  • Feedings and Naps
  • What is the Crib "hour" Method
  • Summer's Intuitive Nap Method


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The Potty Nanny Training

  • Understanding when to begin potty training
  • Question guide to ask parents
  • Review of popular potty training methods
  • Tailoring strategies to the child's personality
  • Recognizing and addressing resistance
  • Child development milestones related to potty training
  • Behavioral psychology and potty training
  • Special considerations for children with unique needs
  • Recommending potty training equipment
  • Overview of the course to keep and review


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Parent Education Training

  • Introduction to Newborn Care
  • What to expect in the first week
  • Critical components of newborn routines are feeding, napping, and playtime. 
  • Safe Sleep Guidelines
  • AAP guidelines on safe sleep
  • Lactation and bottle training
  • Routine Implementation 
  • How to Work with Nannies and Daycare 
  • Q&A and Wrap-Up
  • 90-minute Class Online or In-person
  • Private Class 
  • Group Class


$60 a couple

Newborn Care Specialist 

  • Work is 8-12 hours a night
  • Overnights are 2-7 nights a week
  • Breast-feeding support
  • Postpartum parent support
  • Swaddling
  • Sleep shaping 
  • Custom logbook 
  • Clean bottles
  • Prepping bottles for the next day
  • Bathing or show how to bath your baby
  • Nursery set up and re-stocking
  • Baby laundry
  • Initiating a healthy daytime schedule and sleep routine
  • Playtime ensures a healthy, positive environment is established from the beginning.
  • Contracts are 6-14 weeks 
  • Support parents 24/7
  • Nationwide services
  • NCS Traveling Support
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