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Are sleepless nights with your newborn disrupting your entire family's well-being? Here at Newborn Sleep Company, we understand the importance of peaceful sleep for parents and babies. Our seasoned newborn care specialists and sleep health experts (based in Phoenix, Arizona) offer nationwide virtual consultations and overnight support services (US & Canada). We're dedicated to creating a calming bedtime routine and healthy sleep habits for your precious little one, helping you achieve a good night's sleep and restore serenity to your home.

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Newborn Care Specialist & Sleep Consultant

We are excited to offer newborn care specialist and sleep consulting support to new parents through our team of trained professionals. Each team member has completed our comprehensive NCS or Sleep Training programs and will be interviewed by our coordinator to ensure they thoroughly understand sleep.

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We will interview 2-3 trained team members to ensure they fit your family. You'll contract directly with the team member for the agreed-upon payment.


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Our expert newborn care specialist provides nurturing and attentive overnight care for families. We are a nationwide company. 

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Our pediatric sleep consultants will train you in any parenting style. We are a science-based sleep company that supports you with the latest sleep research.

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Nanit Pro Smart Camera: The Award-Winning Baby Monitor for Peace of Mind and Better Sleep

Nanit Pro is the most recognized connected baby monitor with a camera and app. It goes beyond just video, providing the data and insights you need to support your baby's well-being and get the restful sleep you deserve. 

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What Parents Are Saying: Newborn Sleep Company Testimonials 

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Ashley - Scottsdale, Arizona

"I attribute our baby’s sleep patterns to Summer’s awesome techniques and guidance."

Carey - Washington D.C.

"It is not an exaggeration to say that we could not have done this without Summer’s step-by-step, moment-to-moment assistance and guidance."

Abby-Phoenix, Arizona

I was so nervous that it would worsen again after Summer left, but our routines are now set. We have our lives back. I owe her everything. I was so sad when she left after the fourth night, but we are good! Please don't wait 3 1/2 years like we did!

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