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We offer various services to help your baby sleep through the night, including overnight newborn care, pediatric sleep consulting, and more.

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The first few weeks of a baby's life can be incredibly challenging for parents.

Most newborns don't sleep through the night until 3-4 months old, leading to fatigue and stress for new parents.

Newborn Sleep Company provides 24/7 and overnight support from experienced newborn care specialists who will help your baby establish healthy sleep habits immediately.


Introducing the Sleep Transformation Program, an exclusive opportunity to regain control of your sleep patterns and enjoy blissful nights of rejuvenating rest. 


Here's what the Sleep Transformation Program includes:

  1. Initial Sleep Assessment: We'll start with a detailed assessment to understand your current sleep patterns, lifestyle factors, and any specific challenges you face when trying to sleep. 
  2. Personalized 1:1 Coaching Sessions: You'll receive four one-hour private coaching sessions tailored to your family's unique needs. During these sessions, we'll dive deeper into your baby or toddler's sleep concerns, develop a personalized sleep plan, and address any underlying issues impacting your baby or toddler's sleep quality.
  3. Nap Course Access: You'll gain exclusive access to our highly acclaimed nap course, packed with practical strategies, sleep hygiene tips, relaxation techniques, and sleep methods. This comprehensive resource will guide you toward healthier napping habits and better sleep.
  4. Ongoing Support and Accountability: I'll be available to answer any questions or concerns throughout the program. We'll work together to keep you motivated, track your progress, and adjust your baby or toddler's sleep plan.

The Sleep Transformation Program is now available for a limited time. With this investment in yourself and your family, you'll be taking a significant step toward restoring your sleep and enhancing your well-being.

To enroll in the program or learn more about how it can benefit you. Apply below and save your spot. Spots are limited, so don't wait too long to secure your spot.


Baby waking 3-5 times a night? 

Naps are all over the place.

Your baby is fussing all day.

Is your toddler not Sleeping?

Benefits Of Working with a Newborn Care Specialist

Newborn Sleep Company is a Referral Agency working with Parents Like You.

It can be overwhelming to navigate the complexities of researching the best candidate for your family. Depending on where and how you look for a newborn care specialist or pediatric sleep consultant, it's not necessarily easy to ensure that those searching for work meet your standards.

That's why hiring through an agency is such a great option—not only does it help keep everyone safe and organized and it provides peace of mind that all relevant qualifications have been checked before bringing anyone into your home. 

Are you Pregnant?

Booking a newborn care specialist in advance is advisable due to their high demand. You are booking a specialist 6-8 months before the due date is recommended. It is best to reach out as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. If you have any questions, apply below.


Hire a Newborn Care Specialist

Are you seeking to employ support for overnight or 24/7 care during the initial few months? Wondering why you should choose our company? Our primary objective is to provide you with knowledgeable and expert Newborn Care services.


Hire a Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Are you a parent of a baby who's four months old or older? Is your toddler struggling to fall asleep? We provide sleep consulting services virtually and in-home throughout the country. Our team is proficient in various sleep techniques.

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Parent Classes & Collaborations with Newborn Sleep Company


Kylee Money Is Sharing her excellent course "Stop Suffering from sleep deprivation and the Guilt for wanting sleep!"

Sleep Training 5 Easy-to-follow self-guided sleep training modules.

BONUS 1 - The Nap Training Course with four additional modules to solve nap problems! 

BONUS 2 - The Behavior Training Course has six additional modules to solve and prevent behavior dilemmas for kids 2-6! 

BONUS 3 - The weekly group coaching calls to get your questions answered by Kylee personally! 

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Patricia Grenseman

Prepping for Parenthood

In just two weeks
  • get clear on your vision and needs for the postpartum period
  • make a plan for what you will eat and organize your baby things and baby stations, 
  • take a mini crash course on newborn care that focuses on feeding, fussing, and baby sleep so you know just what to do
  • and put a list of local-to-you birth, baby, and postpartum pros so your village is ready to go
Plus, get personalized feedback and support from a postpartum and baby sleep expert through a series of helpful Q&A calls. 
Prepping for Parenthood runs monthly, so join us ahead of your due date and prepare for the calm, confident fourth trimester you want
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