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We are here to help! The Newborn Sleep Company is a Summer's Sleep Secrets parent company that provides overnight newborn care and pediatric sleep consulting. Our team of experts can help get your little one on a healthy sleep schedule, so you can get the rest you need.

Do you have a TODDLER that is NOT Sleeping? Our team of experts is available to sleep train.

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The first few weeks of a baby's life can be incredibly challenging for parents.

Most newborns don't sleep through the night until they are 3-4 months old, which can lead to fatigue and stress for new parents.

Newborn Sleep Company provides 24/7 and overnight support from experienced newborn care specialists who will help your baby establish healthy sleep habits right from the start.

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Benefits Of Working with a Newborn Care Specialist


Get expert advice on how to take care of your newborn twins.


Learn about safe sleep practices for your baby.


Feel confident and prepared as a new parent. 

Why hire a pediatric sleep consultant? 


Pediatric sleep consultants have the training and experience to help your child get the best sleep possible. Sleep deprivation can cause long-term problems, but with a pediatric sleep consultant, you can rest easy knowing that your baby or toddler is getting the right amount of sleep.


Waking all night? 

Naps are all over the place

Your baby is fussing all-day

Is your toddler not Sleeping?

Newborn Sleep Company is an Agency working with Parents Like You.

It can be overwhelming to navigate the complexities of researching the best candidate for your family. Depending on where and how you look for a newborn care specialist or pediatric sleep consultant, it's not necessarily easy to ensure that those searching for work meet your standards.

That's why hiring through an agency is such a great option—not only does it help keep everyone safe and organized, and it provides peace of mind that all relevant qualifications have been checked before bringing anyone into your home. 

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Hiring newborn care specialists and sleep consultants. Do you have an LLC for independent contractors? We are allowing you to choose your jobs and charge your rate.


Hire a Newborn Care Specialist

Are you looking to hire support overnight or 24/7 care for the first few months? Why apply with our company? Our goal as a company is to give you educated and professional Newborn Care.

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Hire a Pediatric Sleep Consultant

 Do you have a baby four months and older? Is your toddler fighting sleep? We offer virtual and in-home sleep consulting nationwide. Our team is trained in multiple sleep methods.

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Join Our Yearly Membership

Join our client membership

Are you a busy parent needing exclusive access and priority to the latest resources for your family? We are pleased to announce that we have launched our convenient client membership program, giving families like yours access to unprecedented advantages. Our client members enjoy special offers on products and services that no one else can get their hands on - by joining today, you'll be the first in line whenever new opportunities arise!


What is the cost of the membership?  

Are you a mom or dad juggling the demands of life while trying to make ends meet? If so, you may wonder if spending money on an annual membership is worth it. It can be difficult to cough up big bucks for something that doesn't give an immediate return--but in this case, the cost of your membership could lead to long-term savings—both calculable and not!

The membership cost is $159/year.


What is the benefit of the membership?


As a member, you will have priority over our daily clients. You get access to 15% (Valued at $300 off) of our agency registration fee and training parent courses. Including our private membership group, you can directly get daily parent support (Valued at $1,000).


Why Work with Newborn Sleep Company?

Summer has been supporting families for over 20 years. She has an education program and is excited to launch her agency to help more families today! 

Hi, my name is Summer Hartman. I've worked with families as a nanny, certified newborn care specialist, and pediatric sleep consultant from 1996-2022. 

I have had a coaching program since 2017 designed for newborn care specialists and sleep consultants through Summer's Sleep Secrets Training Center. 

I started the agency to support more families like you that need quality trained professionals to work with your newborn or toddler. 

How this works, apply to register; you have gone through our application process will send you available candidates that we picked from your criteria. There is a registration fee that applies. 


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Disclaimer: The information/advice provided is not medical advice. Reliance on the advice is solely at your own risk. The advice is for informational purposes only and is intended for common newborn and sleep issues unrelated to medical conditions. The information provided is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or the health and welfare of your baby before following the advice or using the techniques offered in this consultation. In no event will NEWBORN SLEEP COMPANY be liable to you for any claims, losses, injury or damages as a result of reliance on the information provided. On behalf of yourself and your child, you knowingly and voluntarily agree to waive and release the NEWBORN SLEEP COMPANY from any and all claims of liability, loss, damage, injury, or other demands for compensation that you may acquire during your time working with NEWBORN SLEEP COMPANY.